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Waste oil disposal station with signs prohibiting paints, toxics, smoking, and gasoline, highlighting proper disposal methods for car oil.

How to Dispose Car Oil: A Guide for Mechanics and Car Enthusiasts

Oil changes are a part of a car owner’s life. But what do you do once the oil’s out? Disposing of car oil is about more than following the rules – it’s a matter close to Mother Nature’s heart. So how can you dispose of car oil? The Environmental Impact of Improper Disposal Used motor oil poses a serious threat

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A man pours oil additive into the engine

Best Engine Oil Additive: Transforming Good to Great for Your Engine

Understanding Engine Oil Additives Engine oil additives are inorganic or organic compounds meticulously crafted, formulated, and dissolved into engine oils as solids. They come in various forms, performing a variety of duties. Some examples include; Altogether, these play a vital role in ensuring the engine performs well and efficiently. This, in turn, fosters good engine health and longevity. Top Engine

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Modern diesel engine on grey background, oil sign besides it.

Best Synthetic Engine Oil for Diesel Engines: Your Ultimate Guide

Understanding the Importance of Synthetic Engine Oil for Diesel Engines These are lubricants that feature additives and synthetic base oils designed for diesel-powered machines. One of the reasons for this is their ability to handle high temperature and stress conditions. Additionally, the oil has excellent oxidation resistance, shielding from wear, and viscosity stability. Top Picks for Synthetic Engine Oils Here

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Pouring oil and white inscription

What is Engine Oil? Unveiling Its Role in Your Car’s Health

Understanding Engine Oil When speaking of your car’s unsung heroes, engine oil has to be at the top of the list. This is mainly because of the dirty work it does, yet few know or recognize it. Well, that changes today. In essence, the fluid ensures that internal combustion is completed in the best way possible. Motor oil also reduces

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Pouring oil into a car engine

Is Engine Oil the Same as Motor Oil? Debunking Common Myths

Understanding the Terminology: What’s in a Name? Motor oil and engine oil are terms that have similar meanings. Essentially, they refer to the engine’s lubricant. In most cases, the choice of terminology boils down to one’s region of preference. Motor oil is often used in the United States, while engine oil is used primarily in Europe. Composition and Functionality Before

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Lawn mower on green lawn

Oil Interchangeability: Can You Use Car Oil in a Lawn Mower?

Understanding Engine Oil Grades To answer the question of the day well, I must introduce you to the world of oil grades. This is mainly because choosing the right one impacts the engine and task at hand.  According to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), each oil grade has its own assigned numerical value indicating its thickness or viscosity. Here

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The inscription on the background of shelves with machine oil

Best Full Synthetic Engine Oil: The Ultimate Choice for Modern Engines

What are Full Synthetic Engine Oils? These are lab-made fluids achieved by combining synthetic base oils and distinct additives. The resulting mixture is a uniform molecular structure of engine oil. With it, your engine is set to reap numerous advantages. For one, these precision-crafted lubricants are essential in reducing wear and tear. They also enhance fuel efficiency and facilitate superior engine

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Man pours engine oil into engine

Choosing Excellence: Selecting the Best Diesel Engine Oil for Peak Performance

Understanding Diesel Engine Oil To understand the lubricant, you must first be conversant with the machine.  Diesel engines are designed to handle higher temperature and stress levels compared to other machines. That is why the oil selection process here is a bit tricky. You can’t just pick up a bottle simply because it lubricates and hampers deposit and sludge build-up.

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Two 1-liter bottles of motor oil placed side by side, with one bottle featuring a prominent question mark symbol. This represents the decision-making process in choosing the right oil brand. Next to the bottles, there is a white oil filter, highlighting the related automotive maintenance products

Navigating the Choices: Best Car Oil Brand for Your Vehicle

What is the Best Oil Brand for Your Car? The best oil brand for your car’s engine is the brand recommended by your car’s manufacturer. The reason for this is that manufacturers engineer their car engines to run on certain types of oil, and many internal components of the oil system are designed for oils within specific specifications.  Therefore, they

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A man detected the smell of gas on an orange stick while working on car parts

8 Reasons Why Car Oil Smells Like Gas and What to Do About It

General Causes for Car Oil Smells Like Gas When your car’s oil starts smelling like gas, it’s an indicator that something isn’t quite right under the hood. This issue can stem from a variety of causes, each pointing to different aspects of your vehicle’s functioning.  Here, we’ll explore the most common reasons behind this unusual odor, helping you get to

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Two men inspect the inside of a car for problems

Water in Engine Oil? Immediate Steps by a Seasoned Mechanic

Case 1: Emulsion on the Oil Cap Only It might sound strange, but frequently not driving your car enough can lead to finding emulsion under your oil cap. Let me unpack this a bit. Imagine leaving your car parked for a long time, say overnight or longer. During this period, your engine, with its cooler metal surfaces, becomes a perfect

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