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lawn mower on green lawn

Oil Interchangeability: Can You Use Car Oil in a Lawn Mower?

It’s a sunny weekend, and you’re ready to tend to your lawn, but then you wonder, ‘Can I use the same oil for my lawn mower as I do for my car?’ It’s a common question for those who like to handle their equipment maintenance. With my background in mechanics, I’ve encountered this scenario often. In this article, I’ll explore

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Best Full Synthetic Engine Oil: The Ultimate Choice for Modern Engines

Picture yourself in the automotive store, surrounded by countless bottles of engine oil, each promising superior performance. This can overwhelm anyone, which is probably why you are here.
As a mechanic with vast experience, I understand this dilemma. I’ll guide you through various options, highlighting the top full synthetic engine oils for every situation.

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Two 1-liter bottles of motor oil placed side by side, with one bottle featuring a prominent question mark symbol. This represents the decision-making process in choosing the right oil brand. Next to the bottles, there is a white oil filter, highlighting the related automotive maintenance products.

Navigating the Choices: Best Car Oil Brand for Your Vehicle

With so many car oil brands on the market, picking the best one is a challenge. As a mechanic with extensive experience, I’ve seen how the right oil can enhance an engine’s performance and longevity – and vice versa. In this article, I’ll share my insights into selecting the best car oil brand for your vehicle, focusing on quality, value

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A man detected the smell of gas on an orange stick while working on car parts.

8 Reasons Why Car Oil Smells Like Gas and What to Do About It

You’re doing your usual car maintenance, and it’s time to check the oil. As you pull out the dipstick, a strange smell hits you – it’s gas, but in the oil! Now, that’s not something you see, or rather smell, every day. So, it’s natural to wonder: what’s happening, and how big of a deal is it really?

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Two men inspect the inside of a car for problems

Water in Engine Oil? Immediate Steps by a Seasoned Mechanic

Imagine this: you check your car’s engine oil, expecting to see the usual amber or black liquid. But instead, you find a strange white substance on the dipstick or/and the oil fill cap. Panic starts to set in – your car is your lifeline, after all. But the real question is: should you really be panicking?

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